These maps are an important tool for the government in making better decisions for public policy. They also allow for better definition of priorities when allocating public resources and focusing public spending in geographic zones that present the highest poverty rates. An example of this is DATA4 D4 , a journalistic-style platform that works to make data accessible to bigger audiences through finding, processing, analyzing, and keeping data open and available. The data is depicted through interactive graphics, allowing the population to really see the geographical size of these social issues.

According to D4, "stories are better told with numbers, where the correlations are clear and where the information is ready, presented and accessible. Currently, D4 is working on the launch of the GEODF project, which aims to collect data about Mexico City in one platform that will consider analysis about the surrounding environment, policy and government, mobility, economics, wellbeing, services, and population.

Among the accessible data are statistics about education, services, homicide rates, citizen participation, public transport, access to social security, housing, and much more. The platform presents layers interactive maps where viewers can select the variables to be displayed across the physical territory of the Federal District. This platform has huge added value in representing all the data through one map and processing it by AGEBs geographic blocks well defined by roads, avenues, walkways, or any other easy method of land identification ; because unlike CONEVAL, the geo-referenced data is analysed on a much smaller territorial scale.

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GEODF allows for clear analysis and identification of the incidence of urban poverty at a more local level; it is possible to locate where this occurs and how it is characterised in order to encourage those linked to social development to act in a more informed way, as well as encouraging citizen participation. Lagos, 5 March — Gaining access to information and understanding that information are two separate issues: data that's been gathered is often hard to interpret. BudgIt is an organization whose mission is to bring clarity to modern-day issues and governance performances through new media techniques, providing much desired clarity to the public.

The culture of impunity, the closed governance style, and lack of transparency are common issues in Nigeria. The passage of the Freedom of Information FOI bill has provided some form of leverage for demanding transparency and shared information with the public. However, this received and shared information is often tedious to absorb and assimilate. The Lagos-based organization was created based on the belief that it is the " right of every citizen to have access and also understand public budgets.

We also believe budgets must be efficiently implemented for the good of the people. The organization focuses mainly on sharing information about public budgets. While this service is provided for various cities and levels of government ranging from national to local, it has consistently helped improve the accountability and transparency of Lagos city public affairs as they relate to the city state's budget.

Information is shared and disseminated through an open platform available to any interested citizen with a connection to the internet, via infographics for easy to comprehend content, traditional data forms, and videos. This is much more digestible, as reading a budget is typically a fairly tiresome task. Initially, the organization started out with information about budgets only; now, however, it provides information regarding national programs, the subsidy re-investment scheme , and the national election , in order to keep people informed about a variety of issues.

Information shared is important for inciting and informing cogent discussion about city and national issues. The organization's site also allows for data requests. The organization's efforts have made data easily digestible to the population, and their ability to share information is a welcome addition to the accountability and government transparency movement. However, two things are striking; first, the organization's work is primarily targeted to an elite sector of the population — those with Internet access.

Newspapers feature extended access to data, but only occasionally. Second, one has to be particularly interested in seeking this information in order to get informed. Photo: Open Knowledge.

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Sin embargo, nuevas tecnologías han aumentado las posibilidades del "mapeo de barrios". En Caracas, Enlace Arquitectura, una firma de arquitectura local, inició un proyecto de investigación para mapear el crecimiento de los asentamientos informales desde hasta el presente. Caracas, 4 March — The informal city remains unmapped mainly because of its temporary condition, continuous transformation, and informal character.

But recently, new technologies have brought new possibilities to the field of slum mapping. In Caracas, Enlace Arquitectura, a local architecture firm, began a research project to map the growth of Caracas' informal settlements from to the present. Esta revolución tecnológica ha desafiado el campo de la cartografía y permite a los ciudadanos comunes visualizar y crear mapas de lugares que han permanecido sin mapear. En Enlace Arquitectura inició un ambicioso proyecto para mapear el crecimiento de los asentamientos informales en Caracas.

Los "Barrios", como se les llama en Venezuela, son partes de la ciudad cuya condición física es ambigua.

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Asimismo, decidieron comparar los mapas de Caracas en cuatro períodos: , , y La metodología para analizar en detalle los patrones de crecimiento ha sido la de utilizar las Unidades de Planificación Física UPF definido por Josefina Baldó y Federico Villanueva en su Plan de Mejoramiento de Barrios de , que dividen los asentamientos informales de Caracas en 24 regiones.

La arquitecto Silva explica que "el estudio muestra que la mayoría de UPFs se constituyeron en y tuvieron un importante crecimiento hasta Los asentamientos informales se encuentran en las laderas y la periferia de la ciudad, y han crecido lentamente hasta hoy Antímano, La Dolorita y Caucaguita , pero algunos pequeños asentamientos informales ubicados dentro del tejido formal se han consolidado y permanecen estables desde El Pedregal y Chapellín. Por lo tanto, la parte informal de la ciudad no podría ser tan temporal como algunas personas piensan.

La metodología utilizada puede ser replicada en otras ciudades para mapear el crecimiento informal.

Imagen 2: UPFs en Caracas. Imagen 3: Proyección de la población de Antomano. It was only ten years ago that free and public access to satellite images and maps of the world using web-based mapping products became available. Not long ago, official cartography was the only option. Google Maps and Google Earth have allowed for the visualization and navigation of cities easily from personal computers and cellphones. Not only can we consult maps from our cellphones, but we are also able to make collective maps through crowdsourcing online software.

Today, aerial pictures can be taken with small and easy-to-use drones. This technological revolution has challenged the field of cartography, allowing citizens to visualize and create maps of places that have remained unmapped.

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Such is the case of most informal settlements developed spontaneously without an urban plan. In , Enlace Arquitectura started an ambitious project: to map the growth of informal settlements in Caracas. There is vague information about the size of the population living in barrios, only some roads are mapped, and continuous invasions change the area that they occupy. Enlace Arquitectura's research analyzes how formal and informal areas of the city have developed in the last half century in Caracas.

They have used this information to project population growth within these areas. Architect Elisa Silva, head of Enlace Arquitectura, explains that "45 percent of people living in Caracas have settled in spontaneously developed territory," which started appearing in Caracas' cartography in They chose to compare the maps of Caracas in four periods: , , , and They have relied on new technology, using Google Maps and aerial images taken with drones to compare maps.

They have chosen five UPFs located in the metropolitan area to study in detail. Architect Silva explains that "the study shows that most UPFs were constituted in and had major growth until After, most of the informal occupation happened outside the metropolitan region of the city. This valuable projection allows them to have an idea of how many people are actually living in these spontaneous settlements.

One of the most valuable aspects of mapping informal settlements is that it helps to acknowledge which areas are consolidated, and to realize that the self-built houses in the informal settlements are just as old as the city's first skyscrapers. Yep, I'd really like to cosplay Jesse Pinkman one day, he is one of my favourites characters of all time.

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