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Antoni Gaudí was a visionary architect who wanted to combine the city and nature to make life more pleasant. This garden city is not only a modernist work, it is an example of urban construction that is still relevant today. The Camp Nou tour begins with the locker room then you will follow the tunnel that leads to the stadium's lawn Chills guaranteed! I have been there several times this year , and each time a varied selection of boys, mostly rent boys so be prepared to pay, some are aggressive some are not, great little bar downstairs, friendly bartender if hes in good mood, lol, overall great experience and felt safe , enjoy.

Algunos rumanos valen la pena y las brasileiras son muy profesionales. Todo correcto y muy bien. Siempre cojo la cabina 5. Thermas es de las mejores saunas.

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I loved , many handsome, sexual and friendly guys, the amazing Thermas sauna, the security staff, it's great to have it close, I had a lot of fun. Francesco V I hab been some times in this special Sauna Most of them tell you first, they are top only. But - if you say: Im Top Had some really hot and friendly experiences there and good prices As it was clear to me that it was an escort sauna, I went with the similar expectation.

The escorts were of multiple nationalities, brazilian, european, african. They were a little bit pushy in the beginning and were craving to impress with their beautiful impressive dicks, but it just required a polite no to ignore. Finally I took the service of a european escort. It was one of the best sex sessions I have had. Satisfied to the core. I recommend very strongly this place. I visited for the first time few years ago, and got so well fucked that repeated several times afterwards during my trips to Barcelona. They have different types of boys to suit your preferences.

You pay. You dig your dick. Very nice.

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As a tourist, but regular client for almost 2 decades, all I can say: miss the place badly anytime abroad. For that reason, yes, just for that, I have to visit Bcn couple of times a year. Carry on, boys, doing that s excellent job of yours! Thermas Barcelona has been going for many years now and most guys know what you go there for — to pay for sex. I went in on Thursday and checked the place — and the guys — out as I wandered around.

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Soon I spotted a Brazilian bodybuilder who offered full sex for 50 Euros. Anyway I said yes and enjoyed about 30 minutes with him, first of all flexing and posing his big muscles and letting me muscle worship him before he fucked me senseless. Afterwards he hassled me for 70 Euros as he said he worked really hard for it.

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I gave in and paid him 70 Euros but it was money well spent. After that I got cruised and propositioned by lots of the other guys in there, some of them quite pushy. He spoke very little English but we agreed sex for 50 Euros. Leo was the most sensual, sensitive lover who let me devour every inch of his incredible body with my tongue.

However he was an amazing lover and a very thorough top and made me climax not once but twice. I was literally shaking having sex with him, he was so hot. He was worth every one of the 50 Euros I paid him. If you like sex with muscle guys, a visit to Thermas should be an essential part of your visit to Barcelona. This afternoon I was for the first time in Thermas, knowing well what was expecting me. At the entry they told me that Thermas is an escort sauna. So nobody has to say here that he was surprised. I was there for about two hours.

There were about 25 boys and nearly the same number of clients. Some of them pretty, some of them average, like in real life. They showed their cocks, asked if I am intersted, accepted also a "No". After cruising half an hour I accepted an offer of a Brazil Boy. Not really the hottest body but with a tremendous cock which made me really horny. One hour for 50 Euro, the standard price here. After a nice massage and a great flipflop-sucking-session we finished already at half an hour.

But it was ok. Loved his cock very much. So Thermas was worth a visit. When you are not too shy to play with escort boys, you will find there all you wish. The atmosphere is ok. Disturbing is only the smoke and the weed in certain corners. But for real sauna sessions you will have to go elsewhere.

La sauna tiene de todo como tiene que ser la sauna. Estuve hace un par de días, y me sentí seguro, hay un vigilante negro de casi 2 metros que cuida de los clientes en todo momento. Los chaperos son tremendos, con cuerpos lujosos y cuerpos de escultura. Hermoso sitio para el disfrute de sexo seguro.

Grandes y gordas pollas, sin fimosis, como a mi me gusta chuparlas.

La parte de la piscina jacussi es enorme y la comida bien. Recomendable ir tranquilo y sin prisas, se puede disfrutar de varias maneras. Debería haber una madamme en cada turno con autoridad para que los clientes no tuvieran que vivir las situaciones tan desagradables que se pueden llegar a vivir en esa sauna. Ahí debería haber alguien que controlara, te vas a sentir solo, desprotegido y vulnerable cuando alguno, no todos te timen. Mala experiencia con chicos violentos y agresivos. A evitar este sauna donde no hay ningun control de la parte del dueno. Have being visiting Thermas sauna in Barcelona four or five times a year for over 20 years.

Never had a problem. Full of mostly straight handsome young men who will be willing to get sucked, or fuck you, for a price. Great place; the best of its kind in Europe. Will be back in Barcelona Cant wait to visit Thermas again x The choice of lads here is amazing!!!

I resented this and returned to the locker room and changed into the rest of my clothes and began to get ready to leave.

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Based on your review of the sauna, it seems the problem is with you rather than with the sauna. Sauna Thermas in Barcelona is a fun place that has been around for years. A somewhat cute Eastern European guy assisted me; afterwards I thanked him. I smiled and ignored. I continued my walking and observing; no one caught my eye or interest. A few clients and "boys" conversed. I observed. During the time that I was putting on my street clothes, I noticed some guys who interested me, one being the Eastern European guy who had assisted me earlier.

He was sporting the most "gorgeous" uncut cock which would have been just so "ripe" for both my mouth and tight "chunnel," for I was in need of being ravaged while on holiday. Will I ever return? I do not know, for I am not a "towel guy" or a "robe man" during these current years of mine!

With regard to the previous evaluation of the sauna, let me say: We have only one side of what happened with the client that wrote a review claiming he was ripped off by a hustler in the sauna. Even the client admitted that his first visit to the sauna was enjoyable. Then the client said he had "Big communication issues" that caused him to not like the sauna anymore.

First rule of being in the sauna is agree on amounts and what will take place BEFORE going to a cabine with a hustler. Trying to negotiate after the session has begun is dumb.

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Beware, guys! Big communication issues caused me to be hustled, gypped and swindled today at this so-called "fabulous" sauna. Visited 3 times.