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Ohkuma, H. Takeno, Y. Honda, R. Itsuno, M. Chiba, M. Takahashi, Y. Arakawa, N. Li, z. Li, F. Li, Q. Wang, F. Nagel, J. Leipold, 'The synthesis o f rhodium complex immobilized on TentaGel resin', Chemische Berichte, , Barbaro et al. Fujii, M.

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Sodeoka, 'Palladium diaqua and hydroxo complexes with polymer-supported BINAP ligands and their use for catalytic enantioselective reactions', Tetrahedron Letters, 40, Benaglia, G. Celentano, F. Benaglia, M. Cinquini, F. Cozzi, A.

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Puglisi, G. M atsunaga, T. Ohshima, M. Shibasaki, 'Im m obilization of asymmetric multifunctional catalysts on an insoluble polymer1, Tetrahedron Letters, 41, Sundararajan, N. Nogami, s. M atsunaga, M. Kanai, M. Yamada, M. Ichinohe, H. Takahashi, s.

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García, A. Gonzalez-Arellano, A. Corma, M. Iglesias, F.

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Bedford et al. Gurbuz, s.

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  6. Ozdemir, B. Rechavi, M. Lemaire, 'Heterogenization o f a chiral Bis oxazoline catalyst by grafting onto s i l i c a Organic Letters, 3, Heckel, D. Seebach, 'Enantioselective heterogeneous epoxidation I and hetero-D iels-Alder reaction w ith M n- and Cr-salen complexes im m obilized on silica gel by radical grafting', H elvetica C.

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    Paul, R. Gupta, J, ÍI, Clark, 'Catalytic properties o f several palladium complexes covalently anchored onto silica for the aerobic oxidation o f alcohols', Green Chemistry, 8 , , Salvador, J. Das, J. Carpentier, F. Agbossou, A. Yin, G. Yuan, Y. Wu, M. Huang, Y. Jiang, 'Asymmetric hydrogenation o f ketones catalyzed by a silica-supported chitosan-palladium complex', Journal o f M olecular Catalysis A: Chemical, , 93 Sahoo, p. Kumarb, F. Lefebvrec, s. Halligudi, 'Imm obilized chiral diamino Ru complex as catalyst for chemo- and enantioselective hydrogenation', Journal o f Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, , Kesanli, w.

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